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Starting An Internet Business – Checklist

Many people dream of starting an internet business but feel the process is daunting because they don’t know where to start.

There are easy ways to organize the process and get started on generating multiple streams of income and financial independence.

A list building program is a system that gives businesses what they so desperately need if they are to be successful: Lists of prospective customers and clients.

Businesses are always looking for this information because cold calling is not generally successful and can waste a lot of time and energy.

Lists can give businesses a better place to start, since they will know that everyone on their list has, in some way and at some time, expressed an interest in what they have to offer.

By going to people that already want what they have to sell, businesses can make sure they have a higher percentage of success. List building programs are designed to maximize this percentage.

Steps to Starting an Internet Business

  • The first thing to do is determine the type of business.

Will the business be a new, internet only business, or is there an existing business that will be marketed on the internet? Is the idea one newly developed, or does the business model already exist?

Whatever the case, when starting an internet business make sure that the business is one that is attractive to customers and viable in the marketplace.

  • Write a business plan even if it is an internet business.

Starting an internet business still takes careful pre-planning and the business plan defines every aspect of the business, from marketing to operations and financial strategies.

  • Determine the legal structure of the business.

Many people starting an internet business keep it simple and operate as a sole-proprietor business. But depending on what the business is, the protection of a corporation might be in order. Also, review patents, trademarks, and copyrights if necessary to protect the business idea.

Reading the 1999 Anti-Cybersquatting Law will provide information on protecting domain name, website, intellectual property rights and other legal issues related to internet businesses.

  • Create a website where customers can access information about the business.

When starting an internet business is critical to understand the potential customer, and use keywords and language that will draw those customers to the website. Determine the keywords critical to the business, and use those keywords in the website address and copy for search engine optimization.

  • Determine the website hosting service to use when starting an internet business.

There are free services for hosting, but having a personal domain and web hosting might offer a business owner greater access and control over the website, especially if selling specific goods and/or services.

  • Marketing the website is a key component when starting an internet business.

Just developing a website is not enough; business owners need to draw potential customers to the website. Using keywords and descriptions will increase the number of hits the website receives through search engine optimization.

Use keywords that link to each page of the website.

Manually market the business when starting an internet business. It is not enough to just sit at the computer and expect potential customers to find the business. It is still important to go to a networking event and hand out business cards with the website of the business on them.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce in order to network and talk about the business. Face-to-face relationships will help get the word of mouth marketing of the business started.

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How To Market an e-Commerce Website

E-commerce as a market has come a long way the past couple of years. No investor or entrepreneur could afford to ignore the power of E-commerce.

It offers a marketplace which opens endless possibilities for businesses by the virtue of internet.

The grid simply doesn’t end here. To stand out amongst millions of similar E-commerce businesses, one needs to attract traffic to their website for the sales to come flooding in. This sounds eerily similar to running a Grocery Store.

However, a lot goes into making it big and praiseworthy. We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you kick-start your E-commerce business.

The first and foremost step towards marketing your website is to spread the word across all social media platforms. The idea is to create attractive posters and banners and share with your friends’ list on Facebook.

You can also set up your website’s official page to strategically post about the products or services you specialize in. Always remember to post and engage actively with the visitors to increase the reach of your page.

Twitter is yet another medium where you can avail paid promotions and likewise reach out to as many people as you can.

You can also promote your business on Linkedin with like-minded people and network it across their connections too. Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr are among the top Social Media platforms you can utilize to generate sales.

The next important step is to make sure your website ranks among the highest on Google. For the very purpose, you can wisely use the Google AdWords Feature.

The mechanism is simple, productive and affordable. Besides AdWords, one must rely on Search Engine Optimization. This practice makes use of frequently searched keywords to give the most relevant results on the internet. It is the ideal tool marketers and entrepreneurs swear by.

Without having to spend a fortune on the aesthetics of their businesses, entrepreneurs choose to spend on SEO to highlight their presence on their internet.

Oftentimes, E-commerce Websites use comparative websites to win over similar businesses in reaching out to a wider set of potential customers. One can leverage other websites as launch pads for their own.

It is essential for the longevity of your website that you invest in conventional means of advertising. Though expensive, the traditional ways lead to economies of scale like no other means such that the Break Even Point is attained rather fast and easily.

Entrepreneurs resort to Print Media, Outdoor Advertisements, Displays in exhibitions and sponsoring events in order to reach wider markets. Distributing pamphlets, flyers, samples, etc. is yet another successful method you can benefit from.

The last step in the process is crucial and solely encashes on its own quality. Content Marketing is the next big thing which was always there, but untapped.

With the emergence of innovative marketing tactics, Content Marketing has also come into the picture. Nowadays, bloggers and freelancers are in high demand for quality content.

Some E-businesses indulge in controversial content marketing to go viral and garner the long due attention within hours. Such practices are short-lived and tarnish the company’s image.

For an ethically upright E-business, work on creating an informative blog, guest post, a video about the quality of your product and personalized Emails for the target customers.

The day wouldn’t be far when your products would be all sold out and you will be working day in and day out to meet the orders!

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What Does Career Development Mean?

Career Development, well, there is no doubt that you might have come across this statement several times. But do you really know what it means?

Many people talk about developing their careers, but in the real sense, they usually are not aware that career development is a process that needs time, persistence and patience.

To be precise, career development is basically a long-term process of managing leisure, work, transition, and learning in order to achieve lifelong objectives or goals.

Career development can be pursued by both student in learning institutions and employed personnel in different organizations.

Since career development is not a one-day affair, it involves several stages that need to be effectively considered.

Some of these career development stages include;

1. Self-Examination

Self-examination can be simply defined as self-assessment. This can be achieved by conducting a SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis basically Help you know your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

This stage will help you understand your strengths so that you can use them to your advantage, your weaknesses so that you can work on them, the opportunities around you so that you can get hold of them and the threats that may hinder you from achieving your goals.

At this stage, it is important for you to involve a career coach or career counselor so as to be enlightened.

2. Investigation stage

Investigation involves a thorough research of what work or profession suits you best. You will find yourself carrying out thorough research over the internet for career options.

This stage is characterized by a lot of anxiety, expectations and confusion. This is because you will be exposed to so many career options and opportunities that will leave you in a fix.

This stage needs to be approached by utmost positivity and open-mindedness. At the investigation stage, you can also conduct an interview with different individuals in the career path you want to follow.

3. Planning stage

Planning stage involves a thorough preparation for the path you would have chosen to follow. It is a stage where one gets ready to work towards achieving his or her set goals in life.

One will generally feel very excitement as he or she would have begun a journey aimed at performing meaningful duties.

The planning stage is also characterized by gaining necessary skills, knowledge and experience. It also involves the setting of goals.

4. Commitment stage

The commitment stage involves retaining the position you are in and being comfortable and happy with what you are doing. Here you will be aware of how things work and basically improve your skills through regular training.

5. Transformation stage

After working for long, you will get a feeling that you need to do something bigger. This will lead you to the first step above.

These are basically the five main stage of career development.

Career development comes with several advantages. Some of the advantages and importance of career development include the following.

  • It helps you set goals – these goals will give you the motivation of pursuing your dreams with a lot of passion. The goals can be short term or long term.
  • Career Development will help you take full control of your own future or rather a career. It will give you a chance of knowing the opportunities that lie around you.
  • Career development will place you at a comfy working position in life. If you plan is to live a luxurious life, then you can achieve that by having a career development plan. It is basically a motivation towards actualizing your dreams.
  • It is an indicator that you are willing to expand your knowledge, capability, and experience. This will help you interact with different people and different environments.

Career development is what you should go for if you wish to achieve your set objectives. It is a detailed and systematic plan towards getting the best out of what you are capable of doing.

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How to Start an Internet Business?

Internet business is one of the most sought-after form of making money now a days. The demand of the Internet business has reached the penultimate heights of rapid development.

Many of us have observed internet sites such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay etc. making millions out of their website services.

Globally the utilization of these services have been tremendously well and increasing day by day. Simply we can define the Internet Business as the way of earning money by offering highly productive services or by selling products/goods, advertising other companies through digital media etc.

The idea of an Internet Business may help one to earn incredible revenue through the wide spread usage of Internet architecture and International standards.

The basic functioning model of an Internet website is likely to display various types of contracts and strict agreements between two or more parties in such a way that each and every activity related to the business of the website should be supervised in an orderly fashion so as to make a profitable venture.

For an instance, consider an example that a firm conducts its business by starting to accept cashless forms of money such as debit/credit cards. The users accessing the services offered by the web site through an online mode should utilize a form of a third party payment engine such as Bitcoin, PayPal etc.

Also the business made by the internet systems must be highly complicated so that one individual can be able to handle all kinds of processes involved in the business either internally or externally.

But luckily, now a days there are several kinds of pre-built web services available to start an internet business.

The main challenge is to deduce a way so as to keep the entire system of the internet business model by blending it into a single large system as a whole and to maintain it in a profitable way always in a constant manner.

If an Internet business has to select a way to save and process the digital information of debit/credit cards in an online way of payment, then it must specifically have to agree in compliance with the Red Flag Rules of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

As we can see now a days, most of the big Multi national companies and giant corporations are relentlessly thinking about the mode of business that can be operated in terms of the Internet standards, Providing the web services, constant availability, constantly evolving capacity, and wide spread use of the Internet tools and services paves the way for the growth of Internet Business.

Also making a form of e-business to purchase tools and parts from other standard companies, collaborating with several firms for promoting one’s sales and also starting combined effort for Research and Development purposes has become useful these days and is almost followed by many leading companies.

In the way mentioned above, some of the modern practices helps one company to achieve the desired profits and results via usage of unique and creative ways of communicating with one another in an easier way thereby expanding the revenues of the companies.

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